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 Post subject: Jetski almost took out down surfer
PostPosted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 6:59 pm 
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So we were out last weekend, super hot day, and the lake was super busy, but no more busy than a normal MN summer weekend. We were surfing like normal for a couple of hours and like usual the jetskis came out in droves. I know surf boats attract jetskis and I don't mind if they are far off 4-5 rolls back at a super safe distance, I don't care for the noise so I just turn the radio up a little louder and then I don't have to listen to the high pitch whine. We have a couple times where the, what seems to be a 10 year old, makes a bad turn and comes to what I would consider too close which is under a 100 feet since they are on a 1200 CC rocket with no brakes and they are able to cover that distance in a matter of seconds. This time was different. Rider fell, did my usual immediate back to neutral and spin so I can dissipate the waves and not power turn like people still seem to like to do. Immediately started heading back to the rider and was not more than 20 feet from her when a jetski came 5-10 foot off her back side to jump a wave. To me this was way too close and down right got me pissed off. Yelled at the adult rider and he was so caught up in his own world that he didn't hear us. Like usual the waves fade down and the jetski is out as fast as it came in. Picked up the rider quick, hit lift mode since we were loaded down (which is such an awesome feature) and chased the guy down. True to form he was oblivious to what he did and had no idea that he almost ran a person over. Had some very choice words for him, scared my son, and told him to leave the lake and read the boater safety manual which he obviously didn't. So aside from kicking the crap out of the guy what have you guys done to try to combat this? The wimpy horn on the boat is not load enough to grab the attention of a person on a jetski. I am thinking of getting an air horn for if this happens again so atleast they now I am after them. All in all this was way too close. More venting than anything here but I really wish people would realize that operating a watercraft is nothing like a car and just because you have a drivers license doesn't mean you can operate a boat safely. I am all ears for any ideas, thoughts, suggestions you guys and gals may have. And to think the sheriff was out literally 8 minutes before this took place.

 Post subject: Re: Jetski almost took out down surfer
PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 11:41 am 

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Ive come to the point now where if we are riding now and seadooers show up i will stop the next time my rider falls and try to wave them over and tell them to please stay 100 feet back rider and the second they are fall down they are to pause there festivities on my wake.. i also tell them that ill give them a good long ride of riderless wave after we are done to go to town on. Its worked well for me so far. Only a few times ive had to flip my lid on a couple guys.. they disappeared real quick after that. Thankfully no REAL close calls yet. I also try to take an active role on our lake trying to educate wakeboats and seadooers alike good driving ediquette so we can all get along and have a great time on a steadyly more congested lake. I miss the days were it was me and 3 other wakeboats on a 90 mile long lake.. now theres 100s. Calm water is like a illsuion that im begining to thing was never a real thing lol!!!

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